Registration card for Ivan Stepanovich Primak, one of 13,700 Soviet prisoners of war who died on Norwegian soil. From OBD Memorial. The original is in the Central Archive of the Russian Defence Department.


Personal card I: Personal information
Prisoner of war-Stammlager: M. Stammlager IIB
Identification number: No. 126512
Name (last name): Primack
First name: Iwan
Date and place of birth: 1904, Kornik
Religion: Orthodox
Father’s first name: Stepan
Mother’s family name: Primack
Nationality: Soviet Union, Ukraine
Rank: Soldier
Branch of the armed forces: Infantry
Civilian occupation: Teacher
Captured (place and date): 6.2.44, Schepetowka
Further descriptions:
Height: 169
Hair colour: ?
Name and address of next of kin in home country: Wife Alexandra,  Shitomirskaja, Korostischew, Gumsniki [?]
Place of burial: Bjørn-Elva
Distance [?]: 1 km north-west of the camp
For Soviet prisoner of war: Jwan Primack
Identification number: No. 126512
Date of death: 15 September 1944
Cause of death: Diarrhoea