Prison registration card from Falstad Prison Camp. Nikolai Grishin from Kopenko was taken to Norway in 1942. In the summer of 1942 he was captured during flight from Midtsand Camp outside Trondheim. In October he was executed in Falstad Prison Camp. From The Falstad Centre Archive.  


Prison registration card
Last name: Grischin (Russian prisoner of war)
First name: Nikolei
Birth date and place: 26.9. 1921 in Kopjonki (Kursk)
Wife or next of kin: No one
Arrested on the: 8.9.1942  …o’clock  place Vikhammer
In prison: 14.9.1942 10 o’clock place Trondheim
Reason for arrest: burglary
Executive officer: Liedtke SS
Released on the: ?
Or transferred to: to Falstad